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Boy Band Slash!!!!

entrenous88 and I were chatting the other day. Came up with a crazy, weird, bizarre idea . . .and we need to know if ~you~ would be interested in reading it.

So here is a bit of our conversation . . .

AtS/BtVs Boy Band Slash

Sound like something you'd like to see continued?


And Look Ma! No Angst!

Speaking of . . . I'm off to finish the CrackTrailer Dave. Really. I am.

::hugs you all real tight::


4 more days to vacation. 6 days to writercon!!!


ETA~~ All you CK lovers out there? We will be needing some pics of Chris looking boy bandish . . . *g* Got any? I know, I'm asking a lot. Asking you to go through your files and look at all those Chris Kane pics.

::pets you::

::hands you cookies::

::snogs you senseless::
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