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Thank God That Today Is . . .


And Whoot! I am now a Certified Food Safety Handler.

Ask me anything. Really. After an 8 hour class and a 80 question test. . .I know Botulism, Hepititis and Temperature Control.

Dude. I know stuff.

I wanted to write all day. Took my notebook. But it was so busy! All day! Groups and quizes. And Flow Charts.

Am I the only person that remembers Flow Charts from school? I am *that* old?


The test was a breeze. My old Deli/Bakery Specialist is now the Food Safety Coodinator for Dillons. *loves her* She rocks. And I miss her so much. Such a dry, wonderful sense of humor. I spent two entire days with her when I first started working for Dillon's. And we hit it off right away. She is so very, very cool. Now I never see her. So today was a bonus.

Speaking of people that I admire and adore . . . stir_of_echoes has posted Chapter Three of the Convention!Verse!!

Go! Read! Love her like she deserves to be loved!

Leaving On A Jet Plane

It's just . . . well, there are no words. I'm speechless. It's too gorgeous and angsty and sexy and hot. Too, Too, Too much. But, please. Leave her feedback so she'll write Chapter 4.

*loves Jules, like a wild thing*

And not just for the phone!porn that she sent me today!

Hmmm. Perhaps that's why I'm in such a good mood.

::hugs you all::

::big, wet smoochies::

7 more days to VACATION!!!!!!

And Thursday! I get to see luvsphoenix again!!!

*dances wildly*
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