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Oh, what a wonderful morning! Oh, what a wonderful day!

Oh. Ack! Oklahoma!

*dies, and not from happy thoughts*

*hates Oklahoma, with a vengence born of having to sit through it way too many times*

I'm feeling much better. Cold? Ha! We spit on you!

What a great day for stories!

felisblanco has written an absolutely hotter than hell RPS . . .

It's Hiding in Hollywood



willa_writes wrote a drabble at my request! Angel/Oz to the tune of Kid Rock's Cowboy.

It's here.


I'm going to see luvsphoenix on Thursday afternoon. And getting my tatts, hopefully. *crosses fingers and toes*

After I get those, I'll only have Wolvie and Angel's griffin to do. Those will take more skin and more time and more money than I have right now.

Angelus and Spike are cooperating. *loves them to death* I might be posting this mess tomorrow, depending on when I get it sent off to be opinionated . . . heh. New word.

stir_of_echoes made a post this am. It's here. Information anyone that claims to adore David Boreanaz . . . must know! And no! I don't think that she's posting all of this because of the strangeness that affected us the other day . . . involving Dave R. and Chris K. No, I don't. Not at all.


Dude. I <3 stir_of_echoes like a wild thing. When I grow up? I so want to be her. Or, well, near her would be good too.

*gropes Jules*

*tickles her 'til she can't breath*

Back to Angelus and Spike.

::snogs you all senseless::
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