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I am . . .

Occasionally we have fun in the bakery. Especially when we get new toys with which to play.
Sometimes the people that create cake dec. kits hit the mark.

Sponge Bob? Incredibly popular. Great one!

Thomas the Train? Same thing.

New Shrek? Cool.

The Hulk? Kit sucked. Couldn't give them away.

And NO kit for the X~Men. *cries* Although they did finally come out with a edible image. Which I ordered. Duh.

But the new Spiderman kit? Had to share with you. After playing with it this morning at work . . .
You set them like this on the cake.


Then you push a button on the back of Spidey's stand . . .


And for everyone playing the home game . . . or what will Snow paint next?

This is the new color in the parlor/computer/piano room.

I still need to matt the posters, but at least they are up. And isn't the black against the lavender just . . . yum? I just have to turn my head to the right to see the beauty.

Next up? Entry way. Bright Yellow.

Yes. I am a child with crayons.


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