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Damn The Sims. . .

Okay, so I have spent an in-un-(whatever)excusable amount of time playing the sims. . .
I'm bad. I'll be the first to admit it.

But it's so fun screwing up someone else's life.
And I'm a celebrity now!! People actually swoon when I go downtown!

And I'm trying to figure out all the magic stuff.

And I'm avoiding real life.


Put up my storm windows yesterday afternoon. Can't move my arms above waist high today. But I did remember to LABEL the screen this year!! So next spring I won't have to struggle with that fun.
Worked for about 4.5 hours this morning, supposed to be my day off. Yeah.
I'm making the ultimate sacrifice for my honey. . .going to see a play with him in Topeka on Fri, instead of going to see Russell's new movie. Which opens. . .friday. Heh. I'd hope that it was appreciated, but HE probably doesn't even know that fact. (As we don't discuss RC. . .)

More later. . .
(depending on how the simmies are doing. . .)
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