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Happy, Happy Birthday ! ! !

to . . . . trishabooms !!

May your day be as wonderful and special as you are! I'm sending Russell and David over, with red bows . . . and that's all. Hope you enjoy!


Apparently Mother Nature was not amused by our pitiful show of pyrotechnics last night. By 'our' I mean Humans in general. *I* did not buy and/or burn any fireworks.

At 2:30am, she decided that she didn't like the trees in and around my neighborhood. Nor the fact that we were all safe in our homes with electricity.

So for about an hour the wind blew, lightening flashed so fast it was daylight and the power went out. I set my phone alarm, so I'd wake up in time for work, if I were ever to fall asleep again. And got a message from Jules. The same message I'd gotten two day ago. So I answered her.
My phone must like that message. . .either that or she really *is* sending me more James pictures. . .

My dining room ceiling leaked rain water all over. This is not new. It's had a leak since I bought the place, but only leaks when it's raining sideways. Which it was. Damn, I think it was raining upsidedown for a while.

When I went to work at 4:30, it was done. I had to drive around fallen branches and trees. And no one had power.

Now, I come home to electricity *dances*, but my back yard is trashed. One of the really, really big walnut trees fell over my fence. Flattened it to the ground.
Good thing I know people with chain saws and that those same people will do things for beer.

::hugs you all tightly::

You know? The whole thing was a little too scary.


I need some porn.
Some Angel!porn.
Or more James pics.

::kisses from the land of Oz::
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