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Happy, Happy Birthday Wishes . . .

Go to whimsicalnotion!!!!!

Thank you for being such a wonderful, special friend! And I'm sending my warmest wishes that you have had a great day!

::hugs you tightly::

I was so going to post this first thing this morning, but my eval alarm clock did not go off as scheduled . . . and if my fryer had not called me . . . I'd probably still be in bed. Sleeping. And I don't even have a good excuse. Wasn't out drinking. No parties. Just chatting online and painting. So I was an hour late to work. *headdesk* I hate being late. Anywhere. It's a personal thing.

As for my question of the day. . .How many freaking cakes and hamburger buns can people buy? And eat?

Damn. We were SO busy today! My cake decorator is off for the weekend and I made a bajillion cakes . . . every time I went out to see how many more I needed, all the ones I'd just made were gone. Lord Have Mercy. I finally gave up. There is no keeping up with the mob when it's hungry. And the longer I have to decorate cakes, the weirder they get. My creativety runs out and my personal strangeness creeps in. . .I once sprayed a cake blue, scattered it with multi~colored stars, wrote 'Starry, Starry Night' in white on it.

And it sold. *g*

There must be a No~Diet Exception Plan for The Fourth of July.
Because people are eating today . . . like they are Never Going To Eat Again, Ever!

Have a wonderful Independence Day evening, everyone who celebrates. . .I will be here, hiding in my house. Not that I don't like fireworks, but Dude. I'm almost 40. I've seen them. A lot. Don't need to see anymore.

::hugs with airbrushed, frosted fingers::
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