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I'm covered in lavender and white paint. Covered. My hair, my arms, my legs, my toes.

My water heater has a leak, so I had to turn it off. The plumber (Yes! I called one!) is coming tomorrow afternoon. So no hot water until then. Obviously this is the summer of plumbing issues in my house.

My fryer just called to say that her grandmother is dying, so I am going in early to fry the donuts. Kind of puts everything in perspective, huh?

Shit. It's life. And there is nothing I can do about it. Nothing I can change. Nothing I can affect. I just do what I do, enjoy my kids and my friends and looking at the pretty, pretty men. I try to write stories that create the same feelings in others as they do in me. And I cope. What else can we do?

So. . .

debvel and I are flying into Las Vegas together in a month! Together! Yay! *dances with joy*

stir_of_echoes wrote a wonderful, touching, beautiful cracktrailer story about Seth and Dave. It's here. And I was privileged to watch it grow from a baby idea to a grown~up, full~fledged story. Thank you, Jules. I adore you.

Now I'm taking my tired, multi~colored self to bed.

::hugs you all tightly::

Have a wonderful day tomorrow. You are all so very special to me and I am warm and fuzzy inside, just from the happiness of knowing you.
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