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Yesterday Was . . .

Christian Kane's Birthday.

I knew that.

I am so trying to resist the pull of the Kane. I have dled so many pictures of him. But I refuse to make icons. Refuse, I tell you. He is the Eval . . . and I am saving myself for David.


But . . .

This is where I spent quite a bit of time yesterday.

Sad. Sad. Sad.

It's Italian. There's pictures and fic *that I can't fucking read* and pictures and pictures and pictures . . .

Damn. He is one fine lookin' man. Especially when he's standing next to/being molested by David.


And I miss stir_of_echoes . . . Like air. Like water. Like something really fucking important.


::hugs you all from my David/Christian/James obsessed mind::

ETA : Okay. I *can* read the fics. . .I just assumed they were all in Italian. *facepalm* But Dude! Check out the videos!!!

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