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*can't turn my head from the picture*

Framed my new picture.


Went out to Cabela's and treated myself to a Black Hill's Gold cross on a necklace. Very small, cuz, duh! Not rich here!
But I like it.

I never buy myself jewelry. This is a first!

I even got a frame for my DB Milk poster.

*contented sigh*

At one time, I had like, fifty milk posters. Gave them all away but *that* one.

*licks poster*

See? Now it doesn't wrinkle!

Finally decided which Angel story to send to chrisleeoctave's WriterCon Archives. . .now. . . if I could just get it back from a final look~over by my beta. . .*cough*. . .

What a good day off. Even though I still don't have a kitchen sink. . .the new piece of pipe I bought today to replace the latest piece I broke is too small. *headdesk* And Lori had to go to work, so no car. Nothing to do about it until tomorrow.

Dude. I will NEVER do plumbing again. EVER!!

I need to go write some smut. Now.

::hugs everyone tightly::


ETA: *pets my beta* *loves my beta* *is slave to my beta*
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