Snow (sweptawaybayou) wrote,

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Yes. My kitchen is still a fucking mess.

But, you know what? I really don't care right now. *shrugs*

The mess will still be there when I get back from wherever I am right now.

And I have discovered 'Hair Metal' on Aolradio. Why has this been hiding from me? God. The memories that rush upon me as I listen at loud volume for long periods of time. . .back when pretty boys were everywhere. On posters. In concert. On MTV. Long hair. Lip Gloss. Eye shadow. Torn jeans. Pure sex and guitars. And some of them could even play!!

Well, okay, a few of them could play. But damn, whether they could or not. They were teh Prettah.

My Ex went to high school with Kip Winger. . .you know, one hit wonder Kip? She's only seventeen. . .What a perve.

Just a bit of trivia for you. Just sharing.

::hugs you and sends you loud, raucous, joyous music::
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