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Angelus. . .

entrenous88 inspired me to attempt the 100 word drabble thingy. . .

It's kind of scary what comes out when you force yourself to stick to just the basics. Just 100 words. Just a scene. A moment. A breath. A snapshot.

And for some reason, my boy, Angelus jumped right out at me.

Now that is scary.


First time I've tried this. . .and yeah. It's NC/17. What the hell else would I write?

Cruel Beauty

Cruel, thin, leather straps curving around his wrists, arms. Pulling them back behind him. Red welts on legs, buttocks. Wet cheeks, gagged mouth, flushed skin from stolen blood.

He refuses to close his blue eyes. Watches as the crop is raised and strikes again, again. No quiet gasps nor pleading moans.

Then, finally, he is broken. His eyes are no longer defiant, strong arms gather him close. Wounds licked, tears dried, binds loosened.

"You know why I beat you boy?" Angelus whispers on his neck, growling as he pushes his cock deep inside. "There's such beauty in breaking you down."

And thank you to everyone that ::hugged:: me yesterday. Everything is cool. The fact that Snow is a paranoid idiot has once again, been proven true. *headdesk*

But the bunnies! So many to choose from!

::kisses you until you're delusional and gives you chocolate::
Tags: angel/lindsey, drabble
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