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Grrr. Argh.

Yes. That is me. Making angry sounds. . .

I actually had an okay day, after being gone from work for three days. . .two days off and *meeting* day. Lots needed to be done. But I just baked and baked and baked.

I *stamped* my foot with the Eval Store Manager and demanded that I be given a second in my dept. And she said. . .Yes.


I've only been without since December. . .so . . . Praise Jesus. And I got to choose whom it is, and I told her that I wanted my cake decorator and she said to start training her! When I told *my cake decorator* she squealed and danced.

Now, when my friend comes back to work on Tuesday. . .the one that I've known for so long and was my asst at the gas station. Hmmmmm. Might be some hurt feelings. But I had to choose someone that I could count on, you know? And my c.d.? Can be a tee~total bitch when she needs to be. I admire that greatly. *hee*

Angry noises?

Went to the bank to get out a couple dollars. . .and there is a lot *less* money in there than there should be. A lot less. Instant headache. And I can't access my online banking because they disabled my password since I don't use it enough. . .so I have to wait until I go to work tomorrow to find out WTF happened to my money I've been scrimping and saving and starving to have just a bit extra of, just a lil' cushion. . .

And I'm bunniless. I'm plotless. I'm imageless. I have *no* ideas for what to write next. I need the distraction of writing. I need the escape of the fantasy. The chase of the end of the dream. . .


::hugs you all tightly::
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