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Feel like a little more?

Not cracktrailer. Far from it.

Just RPS

David Boreanaz/James Marsters

Not responsible for any weight gain that occurs during or after reading. . .Jules and I were discussing the image of David eating a thick chocolate shake, so thick he'd have to use a spoon. And this is what I wrote. . .

Chocolate Has No Calories If You Eat It Standing Up
Another Not for Profit Venture by Snow
David Boreanaz/ James Marsters RPS
Set during Ats season 1 ~ ep 3 In The Dark
Beta by stir_of_echoes

The afternoon shadows stretched long and thin, indigo hues deepened as daylight disappeared below the buildings leaving the air warm and humid, not even a breeze to lessen the heat of the California Summer. James stood out of the lights, out of the way of the crews that were working to close down the outdoor filming set, leaning against a RV. His face felt thick with makeup, his skin tight, his hair stiff, full of jell and hairspray. He was bone tired, every muscle in his body was worn out, aching from the violence and strain of the days shoot.. And he was hungry. Starving. Ravenous. His stomach growled and rumbled and he desperately tried to shut down that part of his brain. Tried to remember the paycheck that he needed and that so much of said paycheck depended on him looking lean, ripped, and fucking gaunt. The necessity to see each and every muscle defined, his stomach muscles so taut they could second as a washboard. High well sculpted cheekbones, strong jaw that highlighted his generous mouth and of course, absolutely no sun exposure that could darken or blemish the paleness of his skin.

The crafts table across from him was still set up, picked at, picked over, most the crew and other actors had eaten dinner earlier, while James smoked and drank bottle after bottle of Evian. It was supposed to fill you up, damn it.

He kept comparing, although he’d promised himself he wouldn’t, the atmosphere here with the Angel crew, to the crew on Buffy. The level of teamwork and excitement. He wondered if Seth could feel it also, although James would never know unless he asked. And even then, an answer was not guaranteed. Seth kept everything tight to the vest.

So James just stood there in the dark and stared at the food. Sometimes, if he looked long enough, created nauseous daydreams in his mind, then he could lose the gnawing, aching, empty feeling inside. Think of maggots and worms, decay and mold, sickness and death. Sometimes it was enough just to imagine going back to the boards, which he loved, the auditioning and rehearsing and memorizing, okay, he loved that part also. But thinking of that only reminded him of why he went into TV acting to begin with, he was hungry, he needed to eat, at least occasionally. And he’d gotten used to the exposure that came from being part of a weekly television series. The fans, the attention, the interviews and conventions he loved and not to mention a regular paycheck … James wasn’t ready to give that up. Not for a thick, juicy cheese melting and dripping off burger, not for a rare, bloody, well seasoned steak. Not for a thick slice of pizza with extra cheese and all the toppings, not for the sour dough rye bread and thick, real, creamery butter that was there, on the table, calling his name.

God damn, he was hungry.

James saw David walking towards him from between two trailers, a smile on his face, a large cup in his hand. James had noticed the difference in David from the first moment he’d shown up for read-through, the ease, the confidence, the happiness that had not been there when David was on Buffy. He seemed to be both thrilled with his new show and completely at ease with the idea. The reality that he was on his own. James acknowledged to himself, though, that David had broad enough shoulders to carry the load and, perhaps, still have room for more.

There was nothing about David that James hadn’t noticed over the few years he’d known him. Not one thing. David’s warm brown eyes, his large hands, the slow, graceful way he moved through a room. His charisma, the way everyone’s eyes were immediately drawn to him. David’s complete ease with his body, James remembered the times David had done scenes where his character was supposed to be nude and he would stroll on the set with a towel wrapped around his waist. Pull it off when the work began. Acting with the same intensity, the same single minded drive, fully dressed or buck naked. And everyone loved him for it. Of course, James tried to bite down the jealous thought before it rose inside him and failed, as usual. The character David portrayed wasn’t required to be this thin, to exist in this hell of starvation.

God, what James wouldn’t give for a bowl of salty, buttery popcorn, a plate filled with pasta and shrimp, covered in rich, thick alfredo sauce and some hot fresh baked garlic bread sticks to dip. The kind that you just have to lick your fingers after eating, get all the salt, the oil, the sharp bite of the garlic off your skin. Artichoke Spinach dip with homemade corn chips. Fajitas with thinly sliced steak, soft white flour tortillas, sour cream and guacamole, mountains of sharp cheddar and hot melted white cheese. The sharp taste of the deviled egg potato salad that his aunt made for every holiday. Greasy, crispy fried chicken, with a crust that crackled. Mashed potatoes with bits of skin, covered with homemade white gravy that had chunks of turkey or chicken liver cooked into it. A thick, fresh Kaiser roll with rare roast beef and horseradish, a cup of au juice for dipping.

David walked into the shadows and leaned against the trailer, facing James. His mouth curved up in that inscrutable grin, his warm eyes made James think of caramel. James watched as David took the spoon out of the cup he held, and it dripped with melting chocolate shake. His eyes tracked it’s path into David’s mouth, watched his lips close around it, imagined it being pulled off the plastic and saw David’s eyes close as he swallowed. David turned the spoon upside down, flattened his tongue against it, getting every, last drop. Then he opened his eyes and stared straight at James.

“Are you hiding? Here in the dark?”

James shook his head at David’s question and shifted a bit, moved a step back from David.

“ ’cause if you are, well, with that hair and that skin, you’re going to have a hard time.”

James pretended not to notice when David slid closer to him. Took back the space that James had separated them with, David’s shoulder still resting against the metal of the RV. He didn’t want to watch as David scooped up another huge mouthful of the ice cream, really didn’t want to see the small bits of dark chocolate that were mixed in with the lighter brown. Absolutely tried to ignore the sight of David’s tongue as it slipped out of his mouth, attempted to catch the drop that slid down his chin. David caught it instead with the long index finger of his hand that was holding the spoon. James couldn’t turn away as David put the finger in his mouth, and sucked off the liquid.

“So much for the makeup.” David shrugged, stirred the shake, and looked back at James. “Good thing we’re done for the day. You hungry? Want to try it?”

James shook his head again, while everything inside was screaming. For that chocolate. For that taste. David’s brown eyes burned into him, reading his mind. He pulled the spoon out, held it up to James’ mouth. And James was helpless. He opened his lips, let the cold burst inside as David drew the plastic spoon out, laughed at the smile that James couldn’t stop.

“Good, huh?” David brought up another mouthful. James opened his mouth to say no, please, stop and instead found his tastebuds singing with joy as the rich taste danced in his mouth, cold and refreshing and good. He sucked at the tiny dark chocolate chips, trying to get every, last little taste. David frowned, reached forward and rubbed his thumb on James’ chin. Then took that last step, crossed the few inches that were between them and kissed the left side of James’ mouth. David’s tongue flicked at his lips and James felt the coolness of his mouth from the ice cream and smelled the chocolate on his breath. He froze in place, not daring to move, while David leaned back against the RV.

“You know what your problem is, Marsters? You just don’t eat the right things. In the right way.”

James forced a smile back on his face, tried to work his mind around this puzzle that David had presented him. Past the questions that danced like hot oil in a heated wok through his mind. Had David really just kissed him? Was his attraction that apparent? Had it always been?

“You could eat anything you wanted. As long as you work it off at the same time.”

David continued, and James laughed, a short bark in the night.

“Like scarfing a sandwich while running on the treadmill? Or having spaghetti and doing sit ups? No thanks.”

David smiled again and shrugged. His wide shoulders moving under his black sweater.

“I need a shower. Come on.”

Then he turned and walked to the door of the RV that they’d been leaning against, opened it and went in, leaving it open. Assuming that James would follow. And he did.
Inside David sat the shake on a counter and pulled his sweater over his head. The lights were left off, the halogens from outside enough to see each other. He picked up the cup and closed in on James, a look on his face that matched how James felt; hungry.

“You’re not with me yet, not on the same page. I’m thinking you need a demonstration.” David moved closer, looming over James. “A lesson.” He held the cup between them, one hand moving the spoon slowly. “ An idea of what I’m talking about.”

“Thought you said you were showering.” James mumbled. He could feel the heat coming off of David’s body, he was standing so close.

“I will, we will, but first . . .”

James watched as David pulled the spoon out of the shake, coated and covered with the chocolate ice cream. David held it up to his mouth and James parted his lips, not believing that he was letting this happen after all the months of denial, all the days of hunger. But David was right there, in his space, filling his view, and the chocolate was on his tongue, the rush of sugar through his veins. David fed him one, two, three heaping spoons of the shake and James’ mouth was ice cold, his lips almost numb, his heart beat slamming in his ears. David leaned down over him, turning his face up to meet his with a finger under James’ chin. Then the shake was forgotten, set on the edge of a counter and warm lips were on his, chocolate flavored tongue filling his mouth, strong arms pulling him closer. James’ held onto David’s bare waist, his head in David’s hands, breathing became optional. David broke the moment, stepped back, one hand still resting on James’ shoulder.

“Like honey?” He asked, his low whisper sent shivers up James’ spine. “I do.”

David opened a cupboard and grabbed a plastic bear shaped container. Ripped the cap off with his teeth and spit it out in the dark.

“This would be easier if you took off your clothes.”

James just stared for a moment, unable to believe he was hearing these words, seeing this picture, living this moment. David set the bear down on the counter and pulled at the hem of James’ black t-shirt.

“This needs to go.” Then his fingers at the waist of James’ black jeans, slipped in between the denim and skin. “And these.”

David started taking off his own pants, the zipper sounding loud in the quiet trailer. James moved in a trance, pulled his shirt off, and dropped it on the floor. Unbuttoned his jeans and they slipped off his slim hips, fell to his ankles. David stood waiting, watching, rolling the honey bear between his palms. James was naked, his pants kicked off and David stood in front of him, his smooth, muscular chest filling James’ vision once again. David held out the bottle.

“Just taste this . . .”

David turned it upside down, held it in front of James’ mouth. James opened his mouth just as the amber liquid seeped from the tip and dropped on his tongue. David let it curl up on itself, and then watched as James took it in, as the sweet, cloying taste hit him.

“and again.”

James was obedient, David’s voice moved through his body, warming him, distracting him. David poured the honey, but caught his mouth this time with his own lips, before James could close his lips around the taste. And their tongues danced together, David trying to pull the honey into his own mouth. James could feel David’s hand on his shoulder, on his neck. The warmth of David’s palm on his skin and he felt the blood rush to his groin.

“That good?” David grinned, “You’ll like this better.” James watches as David knelt in front of him, looked up. “Now watch, and learn. Food doesn’t have to be a bad thing.”

James could do nothing but stand there as David poured the honey out on to his hard cock, could just barely feel the room temperature liquid as it coated him, dripped off onto the carpeted floor. Then the heat of David’s tongue and lips, lapping at him, sucking him into his mouth. James shuddered, his hand going to the counter, knuckles white. His breath coming in ragged gasps. James let his chin drop to his chest, mesmerized by the sight as David poured more honey out, this time cupping his fingers under James’ cock. Then curling them back around James’ balls, coating them with the sticky liquid. David’s nose rubbing against him as he took James all the way in, the suction so hard, the pull so deep. James shook with the need, the desire that rose inside of him.

David let him go, and looked back up at James’ face.

“This demonstration working for you?”

David’s fingers still teased at James’, pushing just slightly against his clenched opening, rolled his balls, stroked his cock.

“Oh. Yes. Yes, god, I’m . . . I’m learning.”

David smiled at James’ ragged voice.

“Good. This is important stuff for you to know.”

He licked up and down James’ cock one last time, then stood up, running his fingers up James' chest, teasing at a nipple. Coating it with the honey, and then catching it in his lips, biting with his teeth, washing it clean again with his tongue. James felt David’s lips work up to his neck, chin, cheekbones, then there. Lips hot and sweet, James groaned into David’s mouth as the taste hit him again.

Then David stepped back.

“How long has it been since you had any peanut butter?”

James shook his head. In truth? He couldn’t remember. Probably when he was a kid, but that wasn’t important right now. David was pulling a jar of peanut butter out of the cabinet, unscrewing the lid. He stuck two long fingers into it, then held them out to James.

“Just try it.”

James leaned forward, opened his mouth and sucked the smooth, creamy peanut butter off David’s fingers. His hand drawn to David’s wrist, holding it tightly as he licked and nibbled, drowning in the rich, strong flavor as it mixed with the honey. David pulled his hand out of James’ grasp and back to dip in the jar. James stopped him.

“Here, let me.” He scooped some out on his own fingers and started to reach for David’s cock.

“No. I’ve got something better for that. But it’s nice to see that you are paying attention.”

David took James hand and pulled it up to his own mouth, pulling the fingers in, sucking off the peanut butter. At the touch of David’s mouth, James moved forward, his cock straining, remembering what those lips, that tongue had felt like there, just moments ago.

“What,” James cleared his throat, “What could be better than peanut butter and honey?”

David let James' fingers out of his mouth with an audible pop and grinned.

“On my dick?” David laughed softly. “Only the best.”

He stuck his fingers back into the peanut butter jar.

“But we’re not done with this just yet.”

He brought his fingers back to James’ mouth, scraping the peanut butter off on James bottom teeth, then David’s lips were there again, eating and kissing, licking and biting. James pressed up against David, the feel of his hard cock against him, the solid muscle he brushed against with his own almost sent him over the edge. And David continued to tease his mouth, bruise his lips.

David reached over to the jar once more, dipped three fingers in this time and wrapped them around James’ cock, coating him. He started stroking, pulling and tugging until the peanut butter began to melt, became warm with the friction of Dave’s fingers as he worked it around. James shuddered, felt David’s other hand reach around, massage his ass, slip in between his legs, slick with the warm peanut butter, the strong smell filling him as he gasped, his breath ragged and short. David slipped one finger, then two into him. His fist tightened on James’ cock, and he let James lean on him, sag into him, hold onto him. James caught David’s mouth in his, sucked at his tongue as he came in David’s fist. James’ eyes closed tightly, letting the moment take him and David kept pulling, twisting every thrust out of him, until James was weak and drained, pushed him away.

James leaned against the counter, holding onto it for support as David rinsed his hands off in the small sink.

“Don’t know about you, but I could use a drink.”

David took a carton of milk out of the refrigerator, popped open the top and drank in deep swallows. James watched the white liquid run from the sides of David’s mouth, down his neck, over his collarbones and slip down his smooth chest. He reached out to catch one of the streams. Brought his finger to his mouth and sucked it off. David handed him the carton, and James tipped it back. It was cold and rich and the fresh taste cleansed his mouth as he swallowed. He actually felt it hit his stomach as he emptied the container, set it on the counter, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

“I know what goes best with milk.” James felt more in control now, his body not begging for food, for nourishment. He smiled at David, saw the slow grin creep up on David’s lips.

“Really. What would that be?”

James opened the fridge, took out the small brown-papered can that he’d seen tucked away among the shelves when Dave had moved the milk. Laughed at David’s raised eyebrows as he peeled the yellow plastic top off and let it drop to the floor.

“You are a quick study.”

David’s voice was low as James stepped toward him, backed David up against the cabinets. James dipped a fingertip into the thick syrup, brought it to his lips and licked it off.

“I’ll bet this’ll taste just as good on you.”

David’s grin split into a wide smile. He watched as James rubbed the chocolate onto one of his nipples. Then gathered more, and did the same to the other. James leaned forward, licked and nibbled at David’s chest. Teased the nipple into hardening, listened to David’s breath quicken above him. When he’d cleaned it all off, James gathered more on his fingers and painted it across David’s chest. James covered David from the curve of his collarbones, across the muscles of his pecs, sliding further down into the soft, dark, curly hair at his groin. The chocolate ran down David’s long legs, dripped over his kneecaps and James set the empty can off to the side. He pushed his body up against the hot slick syrup that covered David and slid down to his knees, his face pressed into the chocolate, his lips open and tongue out. James couldn’t tell who was moaning, who was making the most noise as he reached for David’s cock, and filled his mouth with the sweet, salty, hard flesh. Sucking and swallowing greedily, scraping at the tender flesh with his teeth, thinking he’d never tasted anything this good. James could feel the press of David’s hands on his head, moving him back and forth, thrusting in and out of his lips. James held tightly to the backs of David’s thighs, his fingers digging in, hardening his cock, filling it, making him suck faster, need more. Now. He could taste precum and chocolate, honey and peanut butter and thought he must’ve died and gone to heaven or hell, and he didn’t care which.

James felt David twitch in his hands, his whole body quivered and the pressure on his head was gone. David pushed him back and pulled him up beside him, ground his lips into James mouth, chased his tongue. Then stepped away, one large hand on James’ arm.

“Shower. Now.”

David growled, and didn’t look back as he took James to the tiny bathroom, ripped the door open, started the water. For the brief minutes that it took to heat up, David returned to devouring James lips, face, neck. David’s hands on James lower back keeping them close together. James slipped his hand in between them and pumped David’s cock, slippery with precum and syrup. David moaned inarticulate words in James’ ear and pulled him into the hot spray, turned him to face the wall as the steam rose around them. James could feel David’s cock bump his ass and the bar of soap that David held, lathering into him, down, between his legs. Opened him up with slick fingers, before he slid his cock into James, slowly, gently, inch by inch. David’s breath against his shoulder, at his neck, his mouth sucking at the water that collected there as it dripped out of James’ hair.

David left a soapy trail down his arm with his hand, pressed his palm over the back of James hand that splayed out against the wall, entwining their fingers. James could feel David’s other hand sliding around his hips, pulling him back, pushing David deeper inside with each long, deliberately drawn out thrust. David took James’ hard cock in his fist and moved up and down over the sensitive skin with a slow, grinding rhythm. James felt David’s body shake behind him, against him. Felt his feet slip on the wet, smooth floor of the shower. Felt the bite on his shoulder, the kisses on his cheek as David exploded inside him and kept moving until James was coming again, spilling out over David’s fist into the water, spattering the wall. His own gasps and moans drowned out by the sound of the water pounding against the skin of David’s back.

They stood still for a moment, hearts racing, blood pumping. Then David eased back, pulled out of him slowly, and turned James to face him. David held a bar of soap and started washing the last of the chocolate, the honey, the peanut butter off pale skin, then lathering himself up, sharing the spray with James. They scrubbed the traces of makeup and hair-jell off of their heads and faces, then stepped out and toweled off.

When they were dry, David pulled James’ into his warm, clean smelling arms. Kissed him softly.

“Don’t wait for the next crossover to get hungry again.”

Then David left the bathroom and headed back to the bedroom, shut the door behind him. James gathered his clothes, started to pull his pants up, then let them fall back down again. He kicked everything out of way and walked to the bedroom door, opened it slowly, pale security lights barely cutting through the dark. David was already under a white sheet on the far side of the bed.

On the far side of the bed.

James smiled and slid into the soft, cool cotton. David reached out and pulled him close. They turned on their sides, James back against David’s warm, solid chest. David’s arms encircling him, holding him. James last coherent thought was that he couldn’t remember the last time he’d fallen asleep feeling so content.

So relaxed.

So full.

The End.

::chocolate syrup covered hugs to all::
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