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Evil Things That Lurk Below Us. . .

Dude. I am so doomed. Every house that I have ever lived in, since being an *adult*. . .had the basement of terror.


I had to go down yesterday and replace my A/C filter. Could not put it off. Learned my lesson last year about doing that. Bad. Bad. Thing.

This is an old house. I know, I've said that before, but ever want to really see it's age? Go to the basement. It's unfinished and huge. Dark and wet (thanks to all the rain over the last, what? 100 days?) And there are bugs down there. Big ones. Pomeranian sized ones. Normally I'm *so* not a girl about this, but yesterday? The light bulbs are burnt out and I *know* I saw a cricket/cicada/thing on the floor that was as big as a mouse.

Luckily, my brave son heard my cries of terror and ran down with his flashlight and extra light bulbs. *hugs my son* He walked with me through the spiderwebs and ::shudders:: whatever. Helped me change out the lights and replace the filter. Then I ran back upstairs. Where it's safe and light and the bugs hide from the cats, who love to eat them. *hee*


Glad that's over for another 30 days.
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