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Happy Halloween!!!

Hey everyone, have a wonderful Halloween!!

Have a marvelous evening, be safe and be scared.

I will be over at M's, handing out candy while my two youngest go running about, begging sugar from his neighbors.

They always want to go over to his neighborhood, instead of staying in ours. . .wonder why? (Bigger, Better, Richer, duh!!)

So, once again my little po'hood will not be getting the benefits of any candy at my house.
I'm always waiting for the day I return back home to find my place egged or something. So far, so good.

I've never told you about my house, have I? Well, it's very interesting. Very old and very strange. There are about a bajillion windows, none of which are the same size. I have tall peaks on the front. It's nice, I mean, I like it.

About two years ago I had it painted. Bright White with a dark purple trim. And then I started collecting flamingos. So it's very easy to tell people where I live. Somehow they never mistake it for any other person's house. (hee, hee!!)

Have a great night!

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