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Officially Freaked Out

Well, This is weird.

I wrote to LT and told her that I had a dream about her posting a pic of her and Hugh! Just wanted to let her know that somewhere, sometime, in some dream dimension. . .she had that picture. . .

Well, she mails me back and says that it happened!!

Isn't that wonderful for her and just a little strange for me?

But, hey, I was playing the odds. I mean 4 or 5 Hugh-obsessed women in NY, going to see his play about a bajillion times, I mean, it's GOING TO HAPPEN!! Right? Right.

Went to the American Royal today. I got to pet a Zebra! I love Zebras! And saw the world's largest horse. It was a beautiful Percheron named Goliath. 19.1 hands tall. Kind of intimidating.
Saw all the cute piglets, darling goats and bunnies, some absolutely beautiful horses. . . all in all a nice day off.

Time to finish the laundry and rest up for work.

See Yah!
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