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My entry to theantijoss' Angel Ficathon. . .

A continuance of the 'Weather Theme' I seem to be stuck on lately. . .

Triple Point

~ The point at which any 3 atmospheric boundaries meet. It is most often used to refer to the point of occlusion of an extratropical cyclone where the cold, warm and occluded fronts meet.

Another Not For Profit Venture by Snow
For theantijoss’ AngelFicathon
Written for crazy_girl_mary
Who wanted Angelus/Faith/Lindsey
Smutty with Dark Comedy ~ I’m not sure how well I did on the comedy, but I can do smut
Restrictions ~ No Buffy or Cordelia
This is set during AtS4
The day that Wesley enlisted Faith to help them find and capture Angelus
Rated NC~17
Beta'd By the Incomparable and Lovely stir_of_echoes and
Encouraged by the Beautiful and Sexy tesla321

Triple Point

How had she gotten here? Sticky with sweat and come and lubricant, riding the vampire, his cock deep and hard within her as she clenched her muscles tightly around him. Scratched and bruised, droplets of blood staining every mark where Angelus’ razor sharp teeth had nicked her neck and the baby soft skin of her inner thighs. The hard-edged lawyer boy, Lindsey, kneeling behind her, one of his hands pulling and pinching at her sore breasts, his other jerking his own slick cock, his breath hot and ragged in her sweat dampened hair. Trapped in a small room in an empty building, ten black magic candles casting heat, light and shadows on their skin. Sometimes a futon mattress beneath them, when the indoor/outdoor carpet left rug burns on their knees, on their backs and the tender white of their asses.

The entire day had been a blur, a shock-filled, on-going nightmare. Wesley showing up at the prison’s afternoon visiting hours, telling her Angelus was loose again. Breaking through the thick safety glass that separated them and jumping from the third story window along with Wes. Then just a few, fleeting hours later, walking the streets with Gunn and Wes and Angel’s son, Connor. Like being introduced to him had not been enough of an impossibility for one lifetime. Searching for the only thing she really cared for in this world. But Connor couldn’t be trusted, he was too unpredictable, too trigger-happy, so she sent him back to the hotel with Gunn. Then Wesley fell behind, and she was too desperate to find Angel to wait. To help him as he once helped her, to save him.

Faith entered the darkened warehouse, knowing it was a trap. She had smelled Angelus for blocks. Leather and silk, cologne and blood, deceptively sweet for such a violent murderer. What she had not counted on was the magic. Something the lawyer boy had cooked up, a play on the sanctuary spell. It kept them all here, unable to move with a violent motive against each other, yet unable to leave. Not until Lindsey had what he wanted, what he’d come for, the thing that would perhaps satisfy the hunger. Only he hadn’t bargained on Faith and while she and Angelus spat insults at each other, kicked against the restraint of the spell that immobilized them as it pervaded the air around them, he watched and grinned.

“Fight it all you want. You won’t be able to move. And you can’t leave until I say. Until I’m done with you.”

He walked over to Faith, touched her cheek with his fingers.

“I can’t hurt either of you and you can’t hurt me. The spell’s one way only. No one’s excluded. Although you . . . you’re a definite bonus.”

“So what is the plan Lindsey?”

Lindsey turned to answer Angelus’ sneer, stepped over to stand right in front of him, completely fearless.

“You really don’t know? I don’t believe that. Not for a minute. I’ve wanted you from the moment I laid eyes on you. And you can’t tell me that you haven’t ever thought of me.”

Angelus smirked at the lawyer.

“Thought of you? Boy, I’ve spent days dreaming of you. On your knees. Sucking me off. Then bleeding you dry.”

Lindsey laughed.

“Now you’re getting it.”

It seemed that Lindsey had been looking for Angel too, and not because he wanted to save him or restore his soul. He just wanted to fuck him and fuck with him. She did not have to use much of her imagination to know how Lindsey had caught the vampire; a little blood, a blonde wig, a dark, lonely street. Angelus had not stopped talking until they all started fucking and even now was spilling out curses and growls. More smiles than she would ever get used to seeing, flashing in and out of his game face as she straddled him, spread wide over his muscular thighs, Lindsey’s come spattering her back.

Faith understood the magic that Lindsey had used. No fear of any gypsy curse now and the sex and whiskey smoke that curled off the young lawyer was just too desirable. For whatever reason, he wanted to play with Angelus and she was totally in that game. The chocolate-colored eyes, the massive shoulders, the strong, long-fingered hands . . .not that she had ever looked, not that she’d ever fantasized on all those endless, hot nights alone in her cell. The moon outside her window and the soft, quiet sounds of women pleasuring themselves and their lovers her only accompaniment.

Lindsey was somehow different from the last time she’d seen him. Long hair, more confidence, two day stubble growing out of his tanned face, wearing jeans, scuffed boots and a torn flannel shirt, he looked like he’d found peace within himself. Of course, having the balls to plan, trap, enchant and act out a dream with Angelus? Yeah, she was attracted to him.

She helped Lindsey undress Angelus as he continued to fight against the spell, yet was unable to move as they carefully removed his jacket and silk shirt, pushed his leather pants down long, muscular legs to pool around his feet. Touched his arms and felt the hairs there rise up to meet soft fingers before they changed course to skirt across his smooth chest and down along the broad expanse of his back. Every muscle in his body was hard, straining to the point where she could almost believe there was blood coursing through his veins. Increasing the blood flow to his muscles, a ready availability of fuel that urged him on as he ranted and swore, his eyes now golden. His mind rebelled against the invasion of their touch but his cock betrayed him, rising up to greet them, long and swollen and dripping with interest.

“You want to fuck, Angelus. I didn’t have to go to law school to see that. Just stop thinking that you want to fuck us to death. Then you can join in.”

Lindsey slid his fingers along the crease of Angelus’ thigh, tangling his fingers in the coarse hair of his groin. Ignoring Angelus’ erection as it strained upwards for attention, he cupped his balls, stroked his cock once, teasingly, grinned and shifted his attention to Faith.

“Let’s give the old man an hors d’oeuvre.”

Faith laughed, only then realizing how long it had been since she had even smiled. Since she’d taken a moment to just let everything go. She needed this, the release it would bring, the freedom to explore, to be herself, to touch and feel. This was just what she needed; this was going to be fun.

Lindsey cradled her face, pulled her close, kissed her hard. They met at the same height and she could feel his cock through his jeans bump her in just the right spot. They stripped each other quickly, never slowing the heat or the exploration. Naked now, Faith stood facing the still immobile frame of Angelus, her hands on his shoulders, her legs spread wide as Lindsey knelt between them, his lips and tongue searching, probing. She groaned as her gaze drifted from the length of Lindsey’s hair to the sight of Angelus’ hard and swollen cock as it rubbed, seemingly of it’s own will, against Lindsey’s head in a futile attempt to increase the friction. She forced her gaze upwards, following the line of muscle up his chest, past his shoulder and watched Angelus’ jaw clench for an instant before meeting the smoldering look in his eyes. She kept her eyes locked on the vampire’s, letting the distraction of his face keep her orgasm at bay, until it built too high and she closed them. The first circling waves overtook her and her fingernails tore into his skin.

The sudden feel of cold hands on her skin snapped her back to reality and she realized the mocking sound of Angelus’ voice was now silent, his mouth engaged elsewhere. His lips worked along her neck, sucking at her skin, lapping at the sweat that coated her flesh, making her ache. Angelus shifted briefly, adjusted their positions as he tugged at Lindsey’s hair with his free hand, bringing the other man closer. He tilted Lindsey’s head up to meet his cock.

“This is where you need to be now, boy.”

Then his mouth was back on her, his teeth scraping, tongue lapping hungrily at the barest trickle of blood. His strong fingers pinching and twisting her nipples, then moving down and thrusting up inside of her. Hard, relentless, just this side of pain and all the way to pleasure.

They collapsed together against the mattress, limbs tangling in an effort to maintain contact. Lindsey and Faith making Angelus’ skin warm to the touch with their passion. There was no place on any one of them that was not tasted, touched, licked and bruised. Angelus buried his cock in Lindsey, coated with the lube Lindsey had taken out of his jacket, both on their knees now. Pushed so hard against him that the lawyer left fingerprints on Faith’s hips, his lips sucking at her clit as she lay in front of him, her ankles riding his back, her hands tangled in his hair. Lindsey slid up her, and she wrapped her legs around both of them as he entered her, let Angelus’ thrusts make the rhythm for all of them.

They came in shudders and screams, then moved with slow, quivering muscles, drinking from the tall bottles of whiskey that Lindsey had brought. Poured the alcohol on skin, wiping and cleaning and swearing when it seeped into cuts and scratches, then the kissing and sucking would start again. Angelus becoming suddenly frozen between them as the spell worked, kept them safe. It solidified the air around him when his teeth sharpened against the back of Lindsey’s neck, his tongue counting the heartbeats. Faith between Angelus’ legs, his cock in her mouth, his balls in her fingers. Lindsey and Faith would stop and laugh and roll off together until he could join them again, frustration and hunger and lust in his eyes, promises of painful deaths on his tongue. They shut him up, kissed him, fucked him, until only inarticulate sounds were all he was capable of making.

Dawn slowly lightened the room as they lay together, motionless with exhaustion. Not even the vampire seemed to have a threatening thought left. Lindsey and Faith slowly, painfully, dressed with shaking fingers, buttoning and zipping. Angelus watched them, his eyes glittering.

“You ever get to Oklahoma, look me up.”

Lindsey said with a grin at Faith, his voice hoarse and low.

“If I ever find myself in Oklahoma, I’m committing suicide.”

Lindsey laughed as they slipped out the window onto the sun heated metal of the fire escape. She waited in the light as he slipped down the stairs, walking off down the street. Turned just once, lifted his hand in a wave, then disappeared around a corner.

Faith looked back in the window. Angelus stood across the room, protected by the shadows, dressed now, and propped against the open door, looked just for a moment so much like Angel as he stared at her that the breath caught in her throat. Then the smirk was back on his face and her head cleared. He pulled a cigarette out of a crumpled pack, held it in his mouth and scratched a match up the wall to light it, never once taking his eyes off of her.

“I’ll find you tonight. We’ll get Angel back.”

“Yeah. You just keep thinking that, Faithie. Especially when my hands close around your throat and I drink you down like a fine wine.”

Faith turned and went down the stairs, let the morning sun bake into her skin and her stiff muscles relax as she headed back to the hotel. She knew that Angelus would let her get close tonight, and not only to try to kill her, drink her, turn her . . . but to find out if she still smelled of him, still tasted of Lindsey. Feel if she was still wet for him. She had all day to plan and rest and tonight she would save her friend.

No matter what.

~ End

And a day early. . .well. . .for the second chance people!

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