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Well, a nice day off. . .and I'm sick. I WAS okay, now I feel like crap. And I can't just go to bed because I am meeting a bunch of people from work to plan our store's Christmas party at 7pm. YeeHah. Normally I would be excited and happy, now I'm wondering if I can get through the evening without puking. Or as my kids say "Calling Ralph on the big white phone". I took handfuls of medicine when I got home from picking up the kids at school, so hopefully I'll be feeling better in a little while. I can't tell if it's the flu, food poisoning, heartburn or just the plain old blahs. Probably my body is totally confused that I didn't go to work today, just sat around reading email, cruising the web. . .no housework (and that's BAD ~~ my house is a MESS!!!)
Why, you ask? Why is Snow's house close to being condemned as unfit for human habitation?
I have 3 kids, 16, 14 and 11.
I have 3 cats.
I have 3 dogs.
Am I insane? Yes, probably.
Two of the dogs are non shedding, the one that is a shedder does enough for 10 dogs. She is a Corgi. I found her a couple of years ago at the gas station I used to manage. She is so beautiful. So I took her to the humane society, thinking that someone must be looking for her. Okay, 10 days later, she is still there and I go pick her up. Fun fact about Corgi's. . . twice a year they MOLT!!! They loose every hair on their bodies, long white clumps of hair that float everywhere, get in everything and then they go into heat. Wonderful dogs. She is, of course, a super pet. She is queen bitch of the house, the cats, the other dogs they bow down to her. Or she will take them out. And I mean that. I have seen it. The other 90% of the time she is calm and loving and sweet, the best dog you could ask for... I'm starting to think, though, that it was during one of these great MOLTING times that her previous owners just kind of left the door open...'fly, be free'... laughing as they saw the cloud of white hair following her down the street.
Aaahhh the joys of pet ownership.

See Yah Later,

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