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Well. That was fun. I thought that there would be questions and stuff. . .but I like it!

Already put in my 8 hours today, inventory time again! Yes, those 4 weeks just fucking fly by, don't they?

I think the best thing about working Midnight to 8am is being able to take my CD player and rock out while I'm counting and adding and writing. I'm sure the overnight stockers just get a real thrill out of listening to me sing out random lyrics. . .and dance around the store. Heh. Either that or they think I'm crazy. Probably both.

Tonight I listened to Candlebox's first CD(one of the bands I had the pleasure of meeting once upon a time) and Live (Throwing Copper). I just grab 3 or 4 cases out of the stack before I run out the door at 11:30, because, like, I wouldn't want to get everything together and be ready to go to work at Midnight. . .Nah. So it was a nice night.

I've been infected by sockpuppett and sisabet's journal entries about listening to music and thinking of how it could apply to the characters of Angel. . .

I'm thinking that Candlebox's Cover Me could make a wonderful Angel/Spike Vid. . .

Cover me
When I walk alone
Cover me
When my stance it stumbles home
Cover me
We'll trip on through the sands of time
And cover me
'Cause I been branded a broken man
I've lost my mind
Lost my mind
But you'll cover me
Give me shelter from the storm

Eh. Maybe not. Maybe Angel/Wes. . .

Just goes to reveal what I've been thinking about since Wednesday evening and all the pain and joy and heartbreak.

::Happy Sunday Hugs::
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