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I'm so jealous!!! All the people at WXFonline went to New York to see Hugh in BFO. They sound like they have had and are having so much fun.

I would really like to meet them all, after posting and talking on line so much.

Perhaps next year, when Deke says that there will be another con in our neck of the woods.

I heard that X-3 is in pre-production. Is that true? I didn't think that they had a script yet. And with Hugh on stage for the year. . .
they wouldn't do X-3 without him, would they?
What a huge mistake.
If anyone knows anything, let me in on it!!

I'm looking forward to going to see Alien in the theater again. It's been so long.
I want to take my kids and let them be as scared as I was!!
We already have the collection on DVD at home, but it would really be special to see it in the theater, in the dark. . .

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