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No spoilers. Just sharing.

As I sit here, I just want you all to know how much you mean to me. I have never known such a talented, creative, friendly, warm, welcoming crowd of people as I have found here, in this little corner of the net.

And even while our show has ended, I will always have the feeling of knowing forever and ever that sharing this last season with all of you has made it so much more special.

Thank you. One and All.

I loved that show. I loved that show. I loved that show.

I loved that not everyone *got* it. I loved that it made sense on multiple levels. I loved that it made me think and dream and create and inspired me to write more. I loved that it made me read different kinds of stories. I loved that it instilled such devotion.

I loved that it brought me here. With you. Right now.

::tight hugs with cheeks wet from crying::

ETA! There are SPOILERS in the comments!
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