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Sunday, sunday, sunday!

*doing my best Monster Truck Announcer voice*


Happy Birthday David!!!!

Let's be havin' some DavidBoreanazBirthdaySmutDrabbles! Yes!

I see icing. I see candles with hot wax. I see ribbons and bows and tape and wrapping paper. All mixed up with nakedness.

Yes. I am delusional. Just play along. . .

Yesterdays Kansas City Star made me laugh out loud. Usually it's quite boring. . .just something to read in the break room whilst smoking and snarfing what passes for coffee at work.

But. . .

Several Pennsylania parents walked out of a holiday program by the Glassport Assembly of God when the actors on stage began whipping the Easter Bunny and breaking it's eggs.
Church officials said it was an attempt to move past the benign symbols of the holiday and focus on the suffering of Christ. As children in the audience cried at the beatings, actors chanted, "There is no Easter Bunny."

Kind of makes you wonder what they do at their Christmas programs. . .


Dear Abby: I recently became engaged to a man I thought was the salt of the earth. Then I moved in with him. Well, he's not the man I thought he was. I now know that almost everything he has told me is a lie.
He's 12 years older than he said. He never went to college like he claimed. He told me he was sterile, but I discovered he has four children. He pays child support for two of them who are very young, so he'll be obligated for a long time. His parents are both living - not dead like he told me - and he's not an only child; he has two brothers who live across the country.

This is the part that blows my mind. .

My mind is spinning. We're suppposed to be married in three months. I'm seriously thinking about breaking the engagement and moving out, but I still love him. Should I stick it out and hope for the best, or listen to my gut? - second thoughts in Indiana

Now, the answer. . .or how I would've titled it. . .

Dear second thoughts:
Listen to your gut. Leave now and cut your losses. Your fiance either has a lot to hide, or he's a compulsive liar. No, really? Solid relationships are built on a foundations of trust, and your fiance has proven to you many times over that you can't believe a word he says.

*shakes head in disbelief*

::hugs to everyone::
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