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*heavy sigh of relief*

One weekend over. . .one to go.

No great crisis this time, after averting the 'apocolypse that could've been' if the cakes had not shown up on Friday, everything after that has been smooooooth sailing. Almost dull, really. Very strange.

My Cake Dec. *did* find it funny that I left off the second 'n' in 'Congratulations' on two cakes yesterday. Ha. Laugh it up girly. We got a little silly this afternoon, 4 women working as fast as we can, two on cakes, two doing cupcakes, brownies and strawberry creme cakes. . .covered in frosting. All of us.
Beleive me. You don't want to make a smart ass remark around any us when we are tired and loopy and loaded with bags of many colors of frosting. Everyone started keeping their distance.

Only had one customer act like an idiot. She came to pick up her cake TWO hours early. And then was incensed that it was not done. Ummm. Yeah. If you wanted it at noon, well, you should have said that when you ordered it. And you didn't. You said 2 o'clock. So, guess what? It's not done. :p

Everyone see the new issue of Entertainment Weekly? Nice article with Joss. Nice pic of David. It all made me cry. I have a feeling it won't be the first time this week.

Now to relax. . . Have wine. Have smokes. Have rps to read and write.

Life is good.

::hugs you all::
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