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Fridays. . .

Off to work. Pray that the cakes are there. Please. Somebody. My stomach hurts from the stress.

Started writing my RPS for Kita last night. Handwriting. I haven't done that for, like, ever. And I was amazed at how easily it flowed. No one but me can decipher my scribbles. . .but the scenes. . .incredible. Perhaps I should return to the old ways. After all, I hand wrote my entire, as-yet, unread novel. Carrying notebooks with me EVERYWHERE. All the time.

I've found when I write on the computer, I'm constantly editing myself. . .checking spelling and punctuation. When I write longhand I. Just. Write. There will be time enough to go back and redo. Also much less distraction. . .I'm not running off to stare at pics of DB and Hugh on various websites. I'm not checking my AIM list to see who's online. I'm not reading my email or refreshing my flist.

I'm in a hotel room, drinking whiskey, neat. It's spring in LA and a breeze is blowing in through the balcony windows and my, don't those jeans fit Hugh's ass just so nice and snug? And isn't David's smile just enough to make you orgasm on the spot?

Ahem. Well. Enough of that. I need to be off to the bakery to start writing Congratulations on cakes over and over and over for all the smart, bright, shiny young ones that are being officially released from two of our nearby high schools tomorrow.


Everyone have a great day!!

Oh. And *squeeeeee!!!!!* David will be at some convention in Chicago this weekend! Closest he's probably ever going to get to Kansas City. Ever. I will be thinking of him flying over me all day. . .
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