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Happy Mother's Day

Did this holiday just like creep up on everyone? I mean everyone that shops at my store. . .Good Lord. You'd think it wasn't announced by calendars and shopping malls for at least a month in advance. . .

But that's still not as bad as the mothers that call or come in to the bakery needing a CAKE today!!! Because they actually FORGOT that today is their son's/daughter's/husband's/mother's/sister's very important birthday.

Yeah. Give me a break. *rolls eyes*

I had a very nice visit from luvsphoenix and her children yesterday afternoon. Xander and Hunter are just the most wonderful boys! I told them that they could come back anytime. For someone that has three kids, I'm really not a 'children' person. So it does take a lot to impress me. And they impresssed me. Very polite. Very courteous. *kisses them both on the forehead* And that all goes back to the parent. Good parents raise good kids. And then there is me. I just got lucky. Really lucky.

::hugs luvsphoenix:: I love talking with you, thanks for dropping by. Next time, your place okay?!!

This is for everyone on my flist that is bashing Van Helsing. . .It was a summer monster movie. It was not supposed to be serious, make sense, have a plot, etc. etc. etc. I went to it with the express interest in seeing Hugh on the big screen. Long haired, wet, semi~naked. I was so not disappointed. If you were looking for something meaningful, something moving, something that would make sense of this crazy world we live in. . .well, you have a right to be upset, I guess. But please. . .I'm in this for teh prettah. And I got more than my money's worth. Thank you Hugh. *kisses him*

Hey. He jump started my Wolviemuse, and anyone that can do that deserves kisses and hugs and all kinds of good stuff.

Now, off to see what evilfun Wolvie and Angel can do to eachother, ummmm, I mean do with each other.

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