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I adore Purple. . .can you tell?

Wanted to share this. . .

My first Iris of the season. I have many planted and they all grow, but I get very few flowers. And it's been years. Any green thumbs out there know what I'm doing wrong?

I have roses also, but although they are heavy with buds, it will be this weekend before they are picture worthy. And I do not have the same problem, my roses love me. Possibly because they have tasted my blood many times. Vampire!Roses!

And Finally! Plum!! 'member when I posted about painting my living room and plant room? Well, here it is. With my Icart Prints!! And my favorite part about the color. . .before, my Icarts tended to fade into the wall color. Now, dude. You see them.

::hugs you all::

High Holy Day Of Obligation!!!


I <3 Angel.
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