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Day 13. . .


One more work day until I have two, count 'em, two days off. How much do I hate it when someone in my department goes on vacation? To Cancun? And comes back all suntanned and smiley?

Yeah. That much.

So. He'll be back tomorrow. I can show him all the *new* clusterfuck reset shit and run away, run away, run away at 2:00 pm. I've already told them all that I will be 'out of town' for my two days off. Completely unavailable and unreachable. Out of cellular range. Off the radar. Gone.

Actually. . .I'll be staying up very, very late Tues nite to finish my so late Het Fic entry. Sleeping in Weds morning with dreams of DavidB and HughJ dancing in my head to start up my RPS fic.

Cleaning my house, cuz luvsphoenix and progeny are coming up to visit on Sat.

Going out to the driving range cuz the urge to hit small white balls an extraordinary distance is just too enticing.

Listening to lots and lots of high volume, head banging rock and roll all the fuckin' day.

Smokin' like a freight train.

Flyin' like an aeroplane.

*and if you don't get that song in your head from just reading this, then you totally missed the eighties. . .*

God Bless Axel Rose. Nasty boy, gotta love him.

::hugs to you all::
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