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James Marster's Comments on Saving Angel. . .

Thought this was worth a read. JM sounds like such a genuine, nice person.

We should all send him postcards. Just to say thank you.

James Marsters comments on the efforts to save Angel

Via his publicist Jenni Weinman, James Marsters offered the following comments to Angel’s Food Drive on fan efforts to save Angel:

"I have always been driven to passion. I try and pour it into my work and it’s the highest pleasure that I have been part of something that has awoken the passion of the fans. More than sitting around and complaining that the show is ending they have actually done something about it. Whether or not their efforts save the show is in question, but the effects of this drive, shows everyone in the TV industry that people connected with Angel. That Angel touched their hearts and that will help us all work again. Thanks to the fans for all of their efforts." - James Marsters

Shit. And I was trying to feel happier today.

The next three weeks are going to suck. Hard.

ETA: Dude!!! Why did no one tell me about sickchicks?? Holy Hell! I'm so looking forward to reading through all the posts!
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