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Lost The Velvet Glove. . .

Just got an email from Tina, the webmistress of The Velvet Glove. I don't know if anyone ever went there, from the link in my journal and when I've posted that I had a new story uploaded to the site, but it's gone.


She's been putting up with a lot of problems, from a lot of petty people and just decided that enough was enough. So has given up. Such a shame.

She gave everyone a chance. The Glove was primarily a Russell Crowe Fanfiction/RPS site, but when I mentioned to her in an email that I had written Wolverine and was playing with Angel she immediatly asked me to send her whatever I would like her to read. She made every writer feel special. Whether you were a beginner or not. She even posted original fiction!

So now my Angel stories, few that live, are only for me to read. My lil original ficlet is alone on the CPU again.

I need to get off my butt and make my own site.

But it does hurt when someone as warm and welcoming feels that the only option she has is to close her site.
I will miss her.
I will miss reading the stories she uploaded, from writers still learning the craft and writers that kept us spellbound.
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