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First Times

Just wondering. . .

who remembers the first time they read slash fiction?

did you like it?

why did you read it?

were you writing slash before you read anyone else's?


what attracts you to it?

is it just a 'safe' way to act out what we (as females) would really like to be doing? Without threatening our RL intimates?

is it because we covet the power that men have?

I distinctly remember the first time I read a slash fanfic. It was on WXFonline. Written by bluefiction. I was bored. I'd read everything else on the site and so I wandered into his stories. Gah. Just incredible. It was so 'hard'. So different. So immediate. So clear.

Then I drifted around looking for Angel fanfic. And as everyone that has been around me for a while knows, I ran into kita0610's 'Komodo'. I don't even remember what site it was on. All I know is that is was the most intense, sexual, hurting, throbbing, pulsing, driving story I'd ever read.

Then I found Yahtzee's site. I spent like, a hundred hours there.

And I was hooked. Gone.

I still read het. I absolutely love chrisleeoctave's anything.

I still read kink!fic.

But the stories that stay with you.
That haunt you.
That inspire you.

The stories that glossing writes. . .

Those live forever.

And has everyone seen david_b_daily? New pics. New icons. New stories. . .something new everyday.
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