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For _green_

Driving out to the country today to pick up the kids from school . . . and I happened upon

It was a little misty, so the pics did not come out as well as I'd hoped.

But here you are!

Just had to stop and take pics for _green_.
Seeing the Llamas made me smile *g* thinking of her.

Down behind them there are bears playing, goats, donkeys and Lord only knows what else. These people are serious exotic animal collecters. It is strange to see them all together, with only little wire fences keeping them apart. Plus this place is only about 100 yards from the schools. So I guess they know what they are doing. I mean, I hope they know what they are doing. . .

More to come soon. I've been inspired by entrenous88's David Boreanaz Celebration Month and would like to contribute. Hope that's okay with everyone. . .

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