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What is it about Sundays?

I'm painting. Not writing. Must finish painting, but as an added plus, I'm thinking about writing while I paint. . .does that count?

And I'm having a Guitar~God music day.
Joe Satriani. Neal Schon. Al DiMeola. Steve Vai. Eddie Van Halen. Sammy Hagar. <~~*well, technically he's not a G~G. Just a cutie~pie*

On a sad, but not unexpected note, my mini. schnauzer, Mitzi died yesterday. This was not a shock, like finding that my bunny had died. Mitzi was old. Old. Old. Old. Everyone kept telling me to take her to the vet and have her put to sleep, but I kept procrastinating. Yes, she was old. Yes, she was blind. Yes, she was incontinent, so we had to keep her in one room. But we all loved her, petted her everyday, gave her hugs and kisses and love. And so. I couldn't bring myself to take her.

We got her about six years ago. I found her online through a schnauzer rescue group online. She had been brought to a vets to be put down because the owners were tired of her. That's it. Ummm. . .commitment problem here? There was nothing wrong with her. She was around 10 or 11 years old. Still full of life. Still cuddly and warm. So the vet told the 'family' that she would find a home for her. And that's how we found her. She was a little tank (anyone that's had a schn. knows what I'm talking about), barked and growled and made all the schna. 'talky' noises. She became immediatly attatched to my middle child. Mitzi was her dog. She was Mitzi's girl. As she grew older she became less caring about who petted her. Just as long as she was petted, brushed and loved. Daily.

So. I'm not boycotting Sundays or anything. . .but I'm certainly being more careful on those days.

::hugs to all::

And thanks for all the love I have been given lately. I'm better. Everything you've said or done has only made me love ya'll more. If that is possible.

And glossing? No one has ever written anything for me before. Ever. The smile is still on my face and my heart is full to bursting.

Thank you.
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