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Okay, I think I have some of this figured out. At least I have some color now, maybe not exactly what I was looking for, but hey, at least it's something.
I have listed on my interests that I am writing fanfic, well, that's something that I really, really love. It's such fun to take a character that already has a following, a background, etc. and take him/her where ever you want them to go. What freedom.
Right now I am working on a story about Logan and what he did from his escape at Alkali Lake until he met up with Marie in Laughlin City. It was going to be a short story. . .but it just keeps growing. And something new for me. . .there is no sex! At least, not yet. I think it's going to be good, but we'll see.
I've got the next three days off!! Yahoo! Just got done working 12 days straight, my asst. mgr was on vacation, and on Fri my fryer goes on vacation, so then I'll be working straight through again. I love the overtime though, and God knows I need the money. Everyone has to get their vacations out of the way before the holidays hit us.
I had mine the last week of June. Took the kids to Montana. On the way we saw the BadLands in S.D., Mt. Rushmore, Devil's Tower, Little Big Horn, my Uncle in Billings, then on to my sister's house in Livingston, MT. Spent a full day in Yellowstone (didn't see it all, but we sure tried), then back home. It was fast and furious and I didn't have any extra money for anything, but we sure saw everything that we intended to. Next year it will be the Grand Canyon. My bro lives in New Mexico, so I'll get to crash in on him for a change.

That's a whole nuther story.

Woo-Hoo!! I have a journal now!! What a blast!!

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