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I joined a new community "Customers_Suck" and have been laughing/crying at the posts there. And nodding my head saying "Yes, yes. I know that person."

It's for everyone that has ever working in any aspect of a retail business. The stories are horrifying and funny and so very, very sad sometimes.

You know I love working with the public. I have, except for two jobs, all my life. My first, after hs was as a bookeeper for a construction company, then I was a nanny for a couple years. But other than that, all public, all the time. And most days are wonderful, most customers are wonderful. I've made actual!friends with some and that's always nice. But it's especially hurting when you are doing your job, taking care of business and someone, for whatever reason, decides to take all of their problems out on you. Those people are the worst. Stupid people are just stupid. Gross, smelly, unwashed people are just Ewwwww. But mean people suck. And should be publicly flogged.

Oh the stories I could tell of managing a gas station on 9/11. Of being yelled at, screamed at, almost physically assaulted. Of being compared to the terrorists. Of being threatened with lawsuits. All because I was doing my job. Trying to bring home a paycheck to my children.

Hmph. We won't go there.

Also joined 'Seth Daily'. *squeee* Gotta have more Seth in my life. And I blame glossing, totally. She has brought him to life in my head in a way he never lived before. And I like it!!

Yes. I shall be spamming for today and tomorrow. My days off before Easter weekend. Easter is 'the biggest breakfast holiday of the year'. Which is the new slogan for the Christian holiday, brought down by corporate. Just FYI.

::hugs and kisses to all::

And vampirefever? I hope that you are feeling better. You're very, very correct. Sometimes being a woman sucketh.

::special hugs to you::
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