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Rainy Day Thoughts

Monday ::hugs:: for everyone!

I've been asked a couple of times lately where 'Snow' came from. . .since it is not my real name.

So I thought I'd share.

Snow Fall is a novel (bit pretentious of me, I know) in progress. It's a story about a woman who has suddenly lost everything in her life. Her husband and her children in an accident. She separates herself completely from her former life of housewife, mother, lover, friend by creating another identity, this option available to her because of the huge insurance pay~off. The name she chooses is 'Snow'. She finds herself living on the fringes of the rock music culture; sleeping with whomever she wants, but never staying with them. She's not what you would consider a 'groupie', but more just a lost soul, attracted to the carpetbagger lifestyle, the 'no commitment' relationships and, of course, the music.

And yes. It is a love story. She does find a person that she connects with, however much she fights it. But can that person unravel the mystery of Snow? Can he heal her? (how much does this synopsis sound like a Harlequin Romance?)

Heh. Whatever. I like it. It's chock full o'sex and drugs and rock and roll. Can't really go wrong with that, can you?

And I have fallen in love with Snow. With her slippery, tenuous grip on sanity. With her newly found ability to treat intimacy like a man. With her pain.

My ex is a musician. So I know a little something about the lifestyles contained therein.

So there you go. Mystery solved. Another of Monday's riddles put to rest. Or, like, whatever.
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