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Sundays. . .

What a wonderful day this has turned out to be. . .
What a wonderful weekend this has become. . .

It has rained three nights in a row here. Long, heavy downpours with sunshine in the afternoon and the grass has greened, the trees are filled with budding leaves and my rose bushes are going insane! Beautiful!

I had a fantastic afternoon with luvsphoenix and blueaisling yesterday. They came up to the wilds of Leavenworth for a visit and antique shopping. . .and we talked too long. I know the shops had to be closed by the time they left. So now they *must* return! It was fun! They are both warm, friendly, good people that I am so happy to know.

I wish that swmbo had joined us, but perhaps next time.

Because of the visit, my house is incredibly clean! Bonus! People should visit me more often. Really. Although I have thrown out my couch and love seat, so seating is at a minimum, unless you don't mind the floor. (I saved the cushions just for that!) But I knew that I would never even begin looking for new furniture if I still had the old stuff. So I just threw it out. Yay for me. Bad for guests.

Had inventory at work this morning and I listened to the soundtrack of the musical 'Jeckyl and Hyde'. If you haven't heard it, you need to. It is hypnotic and beautiful and grand. I once got lost while driving as I was so captivated, ended up heading toward Chicago when I was supposed to be going to Terre Haute. . .embarrassing.

I know at certain points this early a.m. I was singing along quite loudly. But there was no one but the overnight guys to hear me. And who cares what they think? I'm not even sure they do. . .they are a strange lot.

Bunnies are biting at my heels again, life is good, friends are wonderful, family is precious and lovers are appreciated.

Take nothing for granted.

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