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Went out last night to celebrate the man's b~day. I don't even want to think about how much I drank. I know I started with two margaritas. . .then went right on to many too many Irish Coffees. Cuz, mmmmmm, coffee, whiskey and whipped cream. . .and the eval Tequila shots. That everyone kept buying us.

Yes, I did make it to work this morning. But not for very long. *hee* Lucky for me, two people in my dept. screwed up their schedules and I had one too many people there. Ha!
So. I left!! Came back home and crawled right back into bed. Ahhhh. Now I am lounging about, my head still hurts, but coffee and toast and reading all the badfic community stories are making it alllll bettah.

Congrats goes out to swmbo!!! On getting the perfect swmboriffic job!!

Now to relax for a bit. Then out to put up my screens and take down my storm windows. Because it is 72 degrees today and I'm so ready for spring!!

Happy Friday to Everyone!!

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