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okay, busy two weeks. My cake decorator is on honeymoon, so I am doing her job and mine. . .without any extra hours or pay. That sucks. Cakes, cakes, cakes. Filled the case yesterday, then went back to the store at 6 to get some dinner and it was empty. Jeez, what is it with people and cakes? Oh well, good sales for me.
Got an offer to go to California to work the Ralph stores while thier employees are on strike. Three weeks, 6-day work weeks, 12 hour days. They pay for everything, flight, food, rental car, hotel. . .All the overtime you can work. . .
Wanted to go, but then the management starts with, well who is going to do inventory in your dept? (Ummm, don't know?) What about your asst., isn't he going on vac next week. . .(Well, umm, yeah.)
I mean why offer it to me if you don't want me to go?
M said he'd watch my kiddos. . . and God knows I NEED the money. That kind of pissed me off. And I would love to have an adventure like that, although from what I hear about California's smoking laws, I'd probably have to rent a boat and go out 300 yards from shore, or sit in my hotel bathroom, in the tub, with the lights off just to have a cig. That would suck. You'd think, having a new gov'ner that smokes cigars they'd be a little looser about that.

Finally saw Matrix Reloaded. Very nice.

and bought the new dvd Scarface for my little collection.

Al Pacino ~~ Say Hello to my little friend ~~

My kids watched it with me, the two girls loved the way guys dressed back then. I thought it was embarrassing, how still stuck in the disco era we were. They loved the open neck shirts, gold chains, wide collars. (YUCH)

What ever.

Off to surf and work on fic.

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