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My bunny has gone to bunny heaven.

His name was Hippy. No I didn't name him.

We got him from a friend that couldn't keep him anymore and built him his own yard within our yard about 6 years ago. He had his warm, hay filled cage to sleep in, his own little yard to play in. And although he often got out (never trust fencing that says it is rabbit proof), he always came back. He was my favorite pet. Quiet. Calm. Cheap food.

He loved cats. Thought he was a cat. Or at least thought that he could procreate with them. Lord knows he tried often enough. All the neighborhood cats would come in his pen and play with him. Until his 'let's get busy' attitude drove them away.

He was just a plain black and white dutch bunny. Friendly as the day is long, snuggly as they come. And now he is gone from this plane of existence.

I will miss him.

I stroked his fur one last time and buried him.

Best bunny ever.
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