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Afternoon Fix

Just a quick post to say that some people can be real bastards. Just in case any of you didn't know that already.

Thursdays are one of my bread delivery days. And this week our store brand bread is on sale. So I had ordered quite a bit of it. . .duh!

So I go in at break of dawn o'clock and. . .no bread. Oh, well, I had bread. Just not the SALE bread. I call the central bakery, which is about 5-6 hours away. If you're driving fast. Really fast. And they say. . .

"We'll check on that."

I wait.

They call back.

"Our manifest shows that you have all the bread you ordered."

"Umm, no." Says I. "I don't have any of the Sandwich bread. The sandwich bread that is on sale. In the ad."

"Well, our manifest shows that is was delivered."

"Well, does your manifest show where it was delivered?" They do not catch my sarcasm. I don't understand why.

"It was delivered to your store. Everything you ordered was delivered to your store."

At this point I am hitting myself in the head with the phone receiver.

"Can you tell me where in my store it is, then? Because, although it is a big store. . .I've been all over it. And there is no sandwich bread in this store. At all."

"We'll send you some on tomorrow's produce truck. Okay?"

"Whatever." <~~and all the implications that go with that word are meant.

What I don't understand, or maybe I do, I just don't want to know that people that work for the same company I do, working towards the same goals I am, can be so underhanded and sneaky and just icky, is . . . if they really beleived that they had delivered the bread (which they didn't), why would they be so willing to send me the same large amount on the next available truck at no charge? Hmmmm????

Right. I didn't think it made much sense either.

Blech. COA. *covering of asses*

But I'm home now. I only have to work 4 hours tomorrow. Which means when most people will be just going to work, I will be OFF!!! And all the way until Monday! Just like a normal weekend. Like normal people get! Wheee!!!!

::kisses and hugs to all::
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