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New Friends, Sushi and Getting Lost in Your Own Home Town. . .

I think I've finally recovered from Sunday and Monday. . .maybe.

I had such fun meeting luvsphoenix and knotted_rose. Such very, very nice, warm, welcoming ladies. It felt like we had all known one another for years. We just didn't know what we looked like. New and nice and old and comfortable.

Monday I picked up knotted_rose from luvsphoenix's house and we headed into KC. I needed to shop for my sweetie's b~day that is on the 25th and since I so rarely leave my house, willingly, this seemed like a good time. So we went to Westport, which is like an older, downtown area with lots of odd stores and lots and lots of bars. A great place to walk around or people watch.

Not a good place to go on Monday. It was cold. And raining. And windy. But knotted_rose is a good sport and didn't complain once about me dragging her out into the cold and rain and wind. (course now she is sick. . .and it's all my fault, I'm sure) But I did find a present! Then we headed back to the car and I tried to find the Great Mall, which is near swmbo's house. Unfortunately I am not used to heading south from that particular location. I am used to heading north. I know it can be done. Other people do it. Not everyone heads north from Westport. . .do they? Eventually we found the correct direction and had a lovely afternoon trying on leather goods. . .looking at strange shoes. . .and drinking martinis at Applebee's.

Then we picked up swmbo and she directed, with much laughter, us to a great sushi restaurant! Yum! Sushi!

There I was teased unmercifully with Snyder/Angel love. *shudders*
And it continued out into the car and on the drive home. . .where at one point I beleive I used the 'F' word and threatened to stop and throw them both out of the car. . .

It was painful.

I do love swmbo unreservedly. She is a totally lickable person. But, dude. Snyder and Angel? Painful visualizations. Because Angellove is all about the pretty!!!!! Give me Angel/Lindsey. Give me Angel/Spike. Give me Angel/Wesley/Giles/Oz/Xander/Cordelia/Buffy/Willow/Tara/Gunn/Knox. . .

*wipes brow*

Actually I'd like Angel/Angelus. . .has that been done? Point me to it!!

So we drop off swmbo *hug, hug, kiss, kiss* and head back north to the airport. Find Abbie's hotel. Try to find out *how* to get to Abbie's hotel. Cuz. . .construction much? Damn. I barely missed driving off a ledge. Which was not marked with cones. . .*ask swmbo about cones, you'll never look at them the same. Ever again.* Anyways, not marked with pesky cones. Not lit with sensible streetlights. And if it hadn't been for the car in front of me thinking the *same* thing and deciding to fall into the hole. It would've been me. And I'd still be there. And not here. In my warm, safe home, chatting with you.

Then I came home and crashed. Went to work and came home and crashed. Went to work again. Now I'm back to normal. I think. Whatever that is.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone! And just FYI. . .Kansas City has the largest St. Patrick's Day Parade in the world. 300,000 people were expected along today's parade route.

Did I go?

Are you kidding?

That many people + Snow = Not a good thing.

Also, my neice had her second child last night. A boy. Named Zander Ian.
Cool, although she didn't spell it right. . .I'm so buying him a shirt that says "i'm not your butt monkey"

Because *I* am the demented Great~Aunt. And I can!

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