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I just watched a new vid recced by sockkpuppett, crazywritinfool's GodSpeed.


Seriously. It's beautiful and sad and perfect.

The more I get into the story of Angel, the more the Connor arch has affected me. As a parent, thinking that I would have one of my children ripped away from me, then returned, damaged and torn. Only to have to let that child go once again, to save his/her's sanity is just so very, very painful. And as I rewatch season four, I am moved by how well DavidB. and VincentK. reacted to eachother's characters, how the emotion is NOT over the top, but just held below the surface. Just close enough that you can touch the pain, see the anger, feel the hurt.

It's easy to say, they are just characters. Actors in a 'vampire' show. On a third rate network. And yes.
To all of the above.

But if you let yourself go past that, if you let yourself into that place and really see the story, watch the acting. The subtle changes in each character, it is an amazing thing.

In 22 episodes times 4, Joss and ME have given us a world unto itself. It's not perfect, it's not pretty and it doesn't have a laugh track. It doesn't end with everyone happy. It's dirty and hard. Full of betrayal and pain and death. Ambiguous morality. Ethical questions.

Just like real life.

But it also holds such incredible hope and strong, undeniable, visible love.

Such emotions we should all aspire to feel.
To experience.
To give to each other and to be returned to us.

Just like real life.

Now I need to go hug my children. And tell them that I love them. And that I would do anything for them.

And I'm sending huge ::hugs:: to each of you also.
And I love you.
And I would do anything I could for you.
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