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Hhhmmmmmm. . .

Just thinking. . .

Do you think that same sex relationships are emotionally stronger (probably not the correct terms) than hetero relationships?

Now, stay with me here. . .

I love men. I love to be loved by men.
But. . .in my weirder moments, I think that I would make an excellent girlfriend for another girl.
My thinking being, I am a woman, so I know how women think.
Instead of all this lost communication stuff, I would (or I think I would) know when silence means,

'I'm okay, I just want to be alone.'
'I need you to talk to me, even if I'm not answering.'

Know what I mean?

I wonder if men's relationships would be the same? That they would not be hurt if thier partner forgot about a birthday, or an anniversary. . . I mean, would either partner remember?

Or the talking thing.
Not talking, okay. Talking, okay.

Am I losing my mind?

And I know that no relationship is perfect. I have gay friends that I thought were perfect together, but for some reason or another they broke up. Thas okay. As long as everyone is happy in the end.

I'm just curious.

Which is one of the reasons I want to be the Horseman of Curiosity at WXF. . .Deke. . .
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