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Link This Baby

You must go HERE!!! Right. This. Minute.

Really. Trust me. You will not be sorry.

Not related to above ~> I was watching 'Epiphany' earlier, well, not watching, just listening as I ran about the house. And my second child, beloved of my heart, the daughter most likely to take after me. . .the poor thing. . .asks me why I'm not watching. . .so I answer. . ."I'm waiting to see the part where Angel and Lindsay get it on."

She just looks at me. Thanks to me this 14 yr old/going on 30 knows all about slash. And my love of it. Now I'm not saying that she reads it. She knows about it.

So I say. . .

"Um. I mean the part where they fight. With the sledgehammer. And the truck."

The look continues. With a smirk.

You have no idea how many times she's seen the video 'Whatever'.

She knows. Too much.

Argh. I am such a bad parental unit. Bad. Bad. Bad.

Well. Not. I have good kids. The best. They are all smarter than me. Course, the Corgi is probably smarter than me. In fact I know she is. She gets to stay home all day, sleep on my bed, eat whenever she wants while we all work/school/shop for her.


But what are you doing reading this!! You must go to the LINK!!! Right NOW!!!

Go!!! And then, please, comment, comment, comment.

Come on. Make my day. Or Swab My Deck. Whatever. . .
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