Snow (sweptawaybayou) wrote,

Happy June


I hope this finds you well and comfortable.

It's summer (hell) here on the Kansas/Missouri border. I am hating every moment of it, but what can you do? Got the a/c running and trying to stay inside as much as possible.

Lisa used her own money and got us a dolly trolley thing off of Amazon. It's been great for going to get groceries once a week. We don't have to call an Uber, so that's saving us money, BUT omg. The first time we went shopping we apparently took the 'this will carry up to 200 lbs' thing seriously. Walking home dragging that thing was INSANE. And painful.

Now we're shopping SMRT and only getting enough for a week at a time. So every Friday or Saturday we're trollying over to Aldi's and getting our food stuffs (and CVS for my wine because OMFG. not doing without that) and walking back. I'm getting my thigh and calf muscles back big time (it's a mile each way) and a tan at the same time. yay?

My job has finally upped our hours, so while still not at 40 hours a week, more is better than less. I'm behind on rent and utilities, but hopefully will be able to start catching up. Apparently we're supposed to start going back into the office twice a week starting July 7th, but my boss is telling me that he's going to ask for me to be able to stay home for a while longer since I don't have a car and going into work is a freaking huge expense that put me in the hole I'm living in now. So there is that.

Also I'm the only person for my company that works 7 days a week, since I do on call emergency stuff from close of business Friday to Monday morning. I get paid a whopping 4 hours for that. Last weekend I put in over 7 hours. So they better make some fucking allowances for me, or someone else is going to be answering those damn calls all day on Saturday.

If you remember, I'm in the travel industry now and it's been a really rough time since March. And with the idiocy of the US gov, it's not getting a lot better. What is really surprising is the amount of people that still want to travel. But then, looking at Florida and South Carolina ... yeah.

So i'm caught in a conundrum. I love my job and absolutely LIVE to send people on vacation. And I love my family and friends and YOU and I don't want the virus to spread anymore than it already has.


is about all I have to say about that.

The Mayor of KCMO is considering making wearing a mask a city wide ordinance and I'm all over that decision. There are so few stores (Costco mainly) in KC that require masks. Where I shop, the local Aldis and Price Chopper, it's totally optional. So no one does it.

I DO. And I will continue. But other people? Not so much.

Also, since it's getting close to the 4th of July, everyone is starting up with parties/fireworks in my neighborhood. My dog is back to having nightly panic attacks, which ramps up my own anxiety about everything. Such fun.

Wow, fun update!

Really, I'm okay. Just venting. Life and all that, right? What else are we gonna do?

Haven't seen my grandbabies since February. I've seen my oldest a couple times as she will pick up pet food for me at Walmart when needed. But I miss my babies. And my grandkids.

Is summer over yet?


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