Snow (sweptawaybayou) wrote,

Strange Days

This neighborhood that I live in is so, so so fucking strange. If i can ever figure out how to post pics on lj again, I will have some to share.

Two Saturdays ago, i saw a car parked in front of my house. Nothing completely weird, but a little unusual. I keep an eye on it and notice that it's rocking in place. Now, this is around 11:30 am. Sunny Saturday morning. Other people on the street and outside their homes, etc.

I finally go out on to my front porch and i can full on watch while the chick in the passenger seat is totally blowing the guy in the driver's seat. I take a couple pics with my phone and they finally drive up the street. Not before the woman wipes her mouth and tosses a kleenex out the window. Yeah. Gross.

One Saturday ago, I let Gabriel out to potty around 10:30 at night. There is a random group of guys in front of a house across the street and in the five seconds it takes me to turn away from the door, someone drives down the street shooting from the car. I scream at Gabriel, because of course he is barking at everything and he runs into the house.

The car keeps driving up the street, shots going off all the way up and gone. Gabe is freaked out, i am freaked out. Lisa is freaked out. We all don't get much sleep that night.

Today, Lisa and I walk over to CVS. It's about a mile away and it's sunny and windy. Good day for a walk. (YES we wear our masks inside the store and don't take them off until we get home and carry hand sanitizer to use when we're out and waiting for our Uber ride.)

Past a drunk/druggie that is barely passed out on the sidewalk/street. Past a homeless camp that is set up behind a fence.

But there is a lovely soccer park too, with gorgeous murals and very well kept by the city. As long as you overlook all the broken glass and trash and trash cans that have been broken/burnt/torn apart.

And when we get home, we pass three absolutely gorgeous POC women with the most beautiful traditional brightly colored dresses with matching head wraps and they're smiling and laughing as they walk down the street together.

On a side note, our Uber driver was wearing a mask and tells us that he works full time in a hospital as a social worker and doesn't know ANYONE that is sick and thinks that people are taking this virus scare too far and by the time we got back home both Lisa and I want to dip our bodies in sanitizer and maybe try that injecting thing b/c holy fuck that man WORKS IN A HOSPITAL and is totally unconcerned (other than wearing a mask) about spreading the virus.

I've lived here 5 years come October and i still can't figure this crazy ass place out. I just know i can't afford anything else and i'm lucky that i do have a place for my dogs, my cats, my daughter and myself.

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