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I want to thank everyone that replied to my last post! (i.e. the job dilemma issue)

I really did appreciate your thoughts and opinions, so very much. I made my decision this weekend and am staying with Job #1. Little bit less pay, but lots more benefits. not just the porn. :) really, it's not *all* about the porn.

Today was my Monday and I came home from work feeling *so* good. I like what I do, it's not hard, I don't sweat, my back doesn't hurt. Yes, there are members that call and are upset - but it is my job to make them happy! How could that go wrong? especially when we are given great leverage to do so! And my daughter is not unhappy that I'm there, which - although not a deal breaker - does make me smile. I like knowing that she's downstairs, I like knowing that she's so very admired by everyone around her and I like being referred to as 'Lori's mom'. All good, in my book.

After working so hard, for so long ... I'm not disappointed to come home and still feel good. Still feel like cooking dinner or playing with my dogs. I almost feel like after all this time, I kind of deserve a job like this ... I don't know if that's true or not, but I'm going with it.

So thank you! Thank you for listening to me and thank you for helping me with that decision. I did send Job #2 a nice, hopefully professional email thanking them for their offer and they emailed me back saying that they were disappointed with my decision, but to keep them in mind for any other (hopefully never) career changes. That was good, right?

Now that I've got my own cubicle ... I just need to decorate it.

Too soon to bring in the fandom pics?

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