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So for the first time evah - i have participated in one of those anonymous fic memes. The spn_masquerade porn thing. Commenting anonymously is a pain in the ASS.

It was fun! i really like my fic, i'll post it after i get back from Vegas next weekend.

Yes! i'm going to Vegas! No, i'm not going to the SPN convention!

heh. My son (MY BABYOMG!!!) is eloping with his long time girlfriend and paid for my ticket so i can be there when they tie the knot. It's gonna be fast and furious, really. (for me) I'm flying in sat night - the wedding is sunday evening and i'm flying out at 1 am on monday morning.

i will be looking *everywhere* for anyone wearing any spn swag just to say HIHI! though. I'm just really so happy that my son invited me. My oldest got married (eloped) a year ago in Hawaii and i really can't even look at the pictures without crying. i would've given anything to be there with her. So this will be very, very nice.

also while Jeff is in Manhattan (kansas, obv) having his bachelor party tonight and Emily is in KC with her bffs for her bachelorette party, i am watching my grand!dog, Riley. A Rott/Husky mix that is twice a big as either of my dogs, but just as big a baby. So all is good. it makes me laugh when Emily drops Riley off and says 'Riley! Go say hi to your Grandma!!' *dies*

i also got asked (for the first time) the other day at the checkout of a store if i wanted to use my SENIOR DISCOUNT. fuck. i need to dye my hair, right? or just suck it up and accept that i am OLD. sheesh.

i would hope that everyone is reading along with tabaqui's psycho!Jason/Christian Kane drabbles/ficlets. Dude, no one writes a better scary man than Tabi. :) Of course, to combat that- i had to write a drabble that wasn't ... so scary. :)

On Fire
by Snow
Christian Kane/Jason Behr
200 words
for slashthedrabble challenge - Texts from Last Night
i was getting a blow-job tonight in the mens bathroom of a bar and the bouncer comes in and says "bro i don't mean to cock block but you cant do that here."

for tabaqui

He was just a little high. Fuck, he was stone drunk. The show had been on fire, the crowd jumping and dancing. Christian didn’t feel the sweat that coated him - drenched his clothes, made his hair hang in wet curls around his jaw, over his shoulders.

He sang until his throat burnt, then he drank more and kept going until his band finally pulled him off the stage.

Now it was past two and Christian had his boys in stitches telling stories about the old days. His first months in town. He was the center of the room, hell at this moment Christian felt like the world revolved around him … but all it took was a look from Jason. He was sliding off the bar stool. Following Jason to the men’s.

They were just in and Jason was on his knees. Hands on Christian’s jeans, buttons popping then that clever mouth was on his dick and fuck …

Jason knew just how Christian liked it. Hard and rough, teeth, tongue. Tight lips, hollowed cheeks.

Christian barely heard the bouncer tell them it was last call. The orgasm coming up from his toes to his cock.

"Don’t stop, Jay.”

hope everyone is having a great sat night.

Tags: drabbles, ficlet, jason behr/christian kane, life, rps
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