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Another gorgeous day!

Can't believe it's still so nice, in Kansas, in June.

Went to the dog park after work today.


Lilly, Gabriel and Sariel.

Sariel and her huge tongue.

Lilly and her new Newfie friend. That dog's head was bigger than Lilly's entire body! She didn't care.

There was a young husky female there that was simply crazy. She *wanted* to play with every other dog, but when they tried, she'd get so aggressive. It was not good. And the owner was no where around.

I have no problem with people letting their dogs run, I mean, that's what a dog park is for! But that person had to know that their husky was not well behaved/well socialized. I'd almost rather they'd follow their dog around, instead of just let other people try to keep some kind of order.

When we left, a guy was trying to bring his 6 month old Rott puppy in the gate, but the Husky female was now *guarding* the gate and if he'd just pushed past her, everything would've been okay. But he was freaking out, his puppy was scared and the Husky was all MY PARK MY PARK.


I tried to tell him this, but yeah. You can't tell some people anything. Ever. He kept asking me 'Who owns that husky??!' Like I would know? Really?

We just packed up our tired, panting doggies and came home.

And how is your Sunday going?

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